Our lozenges use a unique three stop process to stop bad breath, chronic halitosis, canker sores and dry mouth

Unique three step lozenge relieves dry mouth and restores fresh breath instantly.

Step 1. Our citrus mint formula quickly eliminates any unpleasant flavours and odors in your mouth.

Step 2. The clinical strength powers of Zinc, Oxygen and Xylitol attack the germs that cause bad breath.

Step 3. Our proprietary mouth wetting agent stimulates saliva production to help fight dry mouth.

• Eliminates bad breath instantly
• Relieves dry mouth symptoms
• Sugar-Free
• Vegetarian • Vegan • Kosher • Gluten-Free
• Approved for Diabetics

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Breath Company backs its products with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Shop With Confidence!


Ingredients: Sorbitol, Maltodextrin, Natural Flavors (Proprietary Blend of Natural Sialogogues and Flavors), Natural Xylitol, Magnesium Stearate (from plant sources), Zinc Gluconate, Rebiana (from Stevia).

Does Not Contain: Alcohol, Saccharin, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Benzalkonium Chloride (an allergen)


Eat a lozenge whenever your mouth feels dry or you experience an unpleasant flavor. Three or four a day should keep your mouth fresh, moist, and free of bad breath.


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The Breath Co Mouth Wetting Lozenges is...

Pure Natural Ingredients Committed to a Greener Planet Certified Kosher Approved for Diabetics Not Tested on Animals Proudly Made in the USA 100% Vegan Brightens Teeth