Success Stories

The product is loved by our whole family now. Thanks!!

Thanks! Patrick

Improved significantly the health of my gums!

Thank You! Carol

Stuff works great!

Awesome! Bill

I suffer from extreme dry mouth syndrome.

Thanks very much. Marisa

I was absolutely amazed by how much more fresh my mouth felt after use!

Thank You Dr. Katz! Vivian

This is the first mouth wash to work for my husband who has a geographical tongue.

Thank You! Lia

I won't use any other product!

Awesome! Sharon

I love the products.

Great Products! Jeri

The Breath Co. is the only toothpaste that does not sting when I brush.,

Thanks Dr. Katz Donna

Product works exactly as advertised!

The Products work! Dan

It's the best product I have found on the market.

Thanks!!! Paige

My mouth feels so fresh!

Thanks so much! Tyler

The Breath Co. is clearly different.

Thank You Dr. Katz! Michael New Castle

The Breath Co. is a wonderful product!

Thank you! Elizabeth

I feel more confident smiling.

Great Product Dr. Katz! Merry

Dr. Katz products WORK! It can't get better than that!

Thanks Dr. Katz! Dusty

The Breath Co. products are simply the BEST! They really work. I'm now free from chronic halitosis

Simply the Best! Kakra

My hygenist said, " I don't know what you are doing but you have very little tartar.

Thanks Dr. Katz and The Breath Co.. Kory

My life is back to normal!

Thanks Dr. Katz, Jessica in Canada

Best Oral care products available.

Thank you! Julie IN, USA

Finally found my cure!

Thanks A Bunch.... Tonya

The Breath Co. is amazing!

Thank you! Anonymous

This product is fantastic!

Fantastic! Robert

I haven't seen anything like it

Thanks The Breath Co., Darrel

Gone Forever!

Thanks! Brad

I am really pleased with your new Icy Mint Oral Rinse!!

Thanks Dr. Katz! Krista

For the first time in my life I don't worry about my breath

Always a Pleasure! C.K.

I will be a life long customer!

Thanks! Monette

You now have a lifetime customer!

Thanks again The Breath Co.! Aaron

I can't believe it worked right away!

Thanks! Tamara

The Breath Co. Mouthwash worked immediately!

Love it! B

This is the ONLY product that works!

I am a big fan!

AMAZING!!! This stuff is a miracle.

Wow! Thanks Dr. Katz, Telisa

I gave it a shot and I'm so glad I did!

Thank you Dr. Katz, Richie

The new Icy Mint flavour mouthwash is wonderful!!!

LOVE, LOVE it! Breana


Thanks! James

A few days ago I found The Breath Co.

Thanks sooo much! Vonny in Jakarta

I am really impressed with how well this product works

It Works, Apakuki Sydney AU

The only thing I have tried that really works.

Thanks! Martin

Absolutely love this product.

Love it! Ryan

I can finally talk to someone without worrying

Thank You Dr. Katz Sam

I felt like my mouth was clean all day at work.

I was really amazed. Tanya in San Diego!

Thank you for such wonderful products

Thank you Dr. Katz Ram ON, Canada

The Breath Co. is in my opinion by far the most superior product on the market.

It Simply Works! Pat

I have been using The Breath Co. since 2002.

I recommend it to everyone, Cindy Steele

The same day my breath changed for good!

Thanks!! Eric

I am a customer for life!

Thank You!!! Gabriella


Great Product Dr. Katz, Katy

Recommended by my dentist.

Thanks! A.J.

My tonsil stones are gone.

Thanks Dr. Katz. Angie

Only product that cured my tonsil stones.

Thank You! Beth Cinn

Dr Katz is a genius.

Thank you Dr. Katz, Kally

Will never go back to regular toothpaste again.

Thanks Dr. Katz, Chara

It's a refreshing and reassuring reprieve!

Thanx Dr. Katz! Anderson

I NO LONGER have the continual "bad breath"!

Thanks so much! A Vaughan

Not worried about bad breath!

Thanks Dr. Katz, Ron

Simply put, your product works.

Works Great! Eric

Dr. Katz products are "top quality"

Thanks Dr. Katz, Pauline

This is a life changing product!

I never want to run out! Helen BC Canada

They performed as advertised!


They deliver the results as promised!

Thanks Dr. Katz, Michelle in Brooklyn

I love waking up in the morning without morning breath.

Thank you The Breath Co., P. Stevenson

The Breath Co. works wonders for me.


I absolutly LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!!

LOVE, LOVE, Love, thanks Sarah!!

It does what it claims it will do and then some.

Thanks The Breath Co.! Sarah

My bad breath is gone forever and I am really happy.

Thanks you Dr. Katz, Hamid

I absolutely love the products from The Breath Co.. They have helped restore my confidence ten-fold. THANK YOU!!!!


The rinse and toothpaste are amazing!

Thank you! Rozana, Sinagpore.

The best products available.

Thanks! Margaret

I am so greatful for Dr. Katz's products...especially the oxygen products. I used the products and no longer have bad breath.

A very satisfied customer! Mary

I can't live without these products.

Awesome! Lindelwa, South Africa

I will use these products forever!

Thanks The Breath Co., Norma

This is an awesome company!

THANKS The Breath Co.! Michael, New York

Tonsil Stones are Gone!!

Thanks! Jenny Kansa

Don't want to use any other toothpaste- Ever!

Thanks Dr. Katz. Judy New Brunswick

My compliments for your wonderful The Breath Co. products.

I'm so very Greateful! Mitch

I became a huge fan of the The Breath Co.!

So so amazing! Lilly

My hygenist and I can tell the difference!

Thanks Dr. Katz, Jan MN

Your products are Amazing!


The Breath Co. is truly a Godsend.

Thanks!!! George

The Breath Co. has changed my life.

Thank you Dr. Katz, Victor

I recommend this product to everyone!

I love this product! Cherie

Worked even after I ate Onions.

Thank you Dr. Katz, D

The Breath Co. has changed my life forever!

Awesome!! Kelli

Couldn't have made it without it!

Thanks for a great product, Paua

It really helped my husbands bad breath!

The Breath Co. is Great! Shannon

I really like the The Breath Co. Plus Oral Rinse.

Thanks, Rich Gainsville

The very first time he used The Breath Co. .. It solved this problem

Thank you! Margie

I have used the products for 20 years.

Thanks Dr. Katz, Curt

Totally killed my bad breath.

Thanks Dr. Katz, Larry

It TOTALLY removes bad breath!

Thanks Dr. Katz! Tim

Half way through the first tube we were convinced that it was worth it!

A big thank-you for The Breath Co.! Dusty

I knew I had come across something extraordinary.

Thank you so much!! Mimi

I am using the Thera Breath products for 7 years now!

I cannot express my happiness! Ilona

My dentist cannot belive the difference!


This is the most amazing product!

Thank you Dr. Katz, Jodi Minnesota

This is the only product my daughter will use!

Thanks for helping. Kara

I just wanted to say thank you for providing a product that does exactly what it said it would.

Thank you, thank you! Abby Victoria, BC

Helped me with my Sjogrens Syndrome!

Thank you Dr. Katz, Tracy, CA

I want to thank you for helping me get my confidence back.

Thanks Dr. Katz, Javier CT

I bought some of your product at Target, I am not exaggerating, one rinse with your product and he has not had a hint of the breath again!

Thanks for the Miracle you created! Joanna

Bad breath isn't even a concern anymore.

Your product is Excellent! John,Cornwall Ontario

The product does exactly what it promises to do.

Thank you for the wonderful products. Tina

Morning Mouth is GONE!

Thanks Dr. Katz, Tom

After one application my teeth have already turned white.

Thanks Dr. Katz, Gary

She had a great dental visit!

I Truly love it! Chris K New York NY

In a simple sense, THEY WORK!

Thank you! RDH Tampa FL

The Breath Co. is on the right track to preventing and curing canker sores,

Thanks for the great products! Eric

"Thanks for the first time Happy New, I no longer hate my Dentist".

Cari LPN, Phx

I really like Dr. Katz products. They are Fantastic!

Thanks Dr. Katz! Stacey

85% reduced in bad odour and getting Better!

THANK YOU! Allen, Brunswick

I have suffered with bad breath for years. I have tested your product by cheating and not using it on certain days. It still worked 48 hrs later. The Breath Co. is so effective.

Andrew R.

I have always had enlarged tonsils and would occasionally get tonsil stones which led to bad breath. I started with the toothpaste and mouthwash, then got my 9 year old son started. I now have no more bad breath or tonsil stones. Thanks SO much.

Rachel R. (Springfield, IL)

The Breath Co. oral rinse is a miracle in a bottle. It has given me back the confidence I need. After using the mouth rinse one time, I noticed the difference. The bad breath sulfuric (rotten egg) taste was finally gone.

Mary L.

I only wish I had been using The Breath Co. longer. Your product has changed my life. Even my husband agrees that it has given me 'sweet breath' when he kisses me.

Lee W.

I am a 56 year old woman who has had "geographic tongue" my whole life. It would even hurt sometimes. I tried your plus products and it is wonderful. My geographic tongue is GONE!

Jill S.

I just want to say...I love your products! They saved my marriage. We are so much happier now that my breath is fresh all the time! It was really causing trouble! I was desperate and the Lord lead me to your website!

Deb S. (Los Angeles, CA)

I started having chronic halitosis since I was a teenager. People would cover their noses and back away when I talked to them. Since using The Breath Co. PLUS products I have been liberated and I am not afraid to open my mouth and speak to people.

Kim H.

Your products are a real blessing for me.

Thank you so much

Don't know how I ever managed before becoming aware of your products.

Best regards Pat, Toronto Canada

My husband is a chef and loves to cook with many foods (garlic, blue & gruyere cheese etc.) that cause bad breath. His hands also get smelly. He uses The Breath Co. Rinse for his mouth and hands and we no longer worry about bad breath or stinky hands.

Carol K. (Knoxville, TN)

Your products work a million times better than other products.


She has been using the mouth rinse for a week now and I can honestly say she has completely fresh breath


Thank you for inventing The Breath Co.. I love it. It's so easy to use. It's the best thing since sliced bread! Thank You The Breath Co.!!!!


With her 1st use of your products, her mouth odour was gone and it never came back!!!

Sincerely, Chance and Family

I can now breathe through my nose since I used The Breath Co.. And my bad breath is gone!!!


I only used your products for two days and the improvement is tremendous. Thank you sooo much.


... the The Breath Co. products not only knock out the stinky breath bacteria, but also the bacteria that cause inflammation around the root of the tooth.

Many thanks for your products

I really noticed a huge difference in my breath since using The Breath Co.. Thank you so much.

Love, Pat

I have not experienced and pain in my mouth after using your product. My mouth is pain free and clean. My teeth are even whiter!!!

Thank you, Susan

Dear Harold Katz,

Thank you very much for your quick response.


You have another life long customer!

Sharon mouth did feel really clean and fresh.


Your breath spray is fantastic.


I'll continue to use your products for the rest of my life!

Sincerely, Dorothy

I have been using your The Breath Co. toothpaste for about 4 months now and I have to tell you just how wonderful it is.


Dear Dr. Katz,

I liked the way your The Breath Co. products worked for me because I had a serious breath problem.


Dear Dr. Katz,

The The Breath Co. products really helped my 13 yr old son. We tried many things for his breath and nothing worked. He is no longer teased by his siblings and has more confidence. He uses the products faithfully everyday.

Thank you, Ms. Valov

Thank you for a great product. And for improving my marriage!


I came across your website and decided to give your products a try -I cannot tell you how happy I am!

Sincerely, Mariann

Your product sells itself! It's excellent. I've told others and they won't buy anything else.

Thanks, Shirley

Dr. Katz,

Great products! They really work.


All I can say is thank you for your The Breath Co. products. They helped in restoring my self esteem


Your products - incredibly - do exactly what they claim to, and they have made a very significant difference in my life.


Your The Breath Co. Oral Rinse helped my dry mouth in five days!!! I am not conscious about my bad breath that I've had since I was 30 and I am now 66 years old. Thank you.

-The Breath Co. user

The The Breath Co. program has become a permanent part of my oral health regimen.


I've been using your The Breath Co. products since April 2005. It is an exceptional product and it definitely works!


It Works! Even when my mouth might not feel so fresh to me - I'm told that my breath is not bad.

Thanks again, Beverly

I used other products that only stopped my bad breath for an hour or so AND then, I found your website.


Your The Breath Co. products are amazing!!!


Thank you for giving me back my social life.

Sincerely, Sheila

Thank you so much for finally providing a solution to my chronic halitosis!

Best Regards,


Your products are only ones the worked!


Your products made a tremendous difference…

Thank you, Anita

Please don't ever stop making The Breath Co.. They are worth every penny and then some.

Thanks and Be Blessed,
"Fresh Breath

...within days, I had excellent results.


Thank you for the The Breath Co. products. They work !!!

A Satisfied Customer

I tried the PerioTherapy. It turned around all the trouble I had had for years within a week.

I am forever grateful, Trisha

I couldn't believe I woke up without morning breath


Your products changed my life.


Because of your toothpaste and mouthwash, I don't have much plaque, and it was a totally different story before. Thank you so very much.

God Bless You, Deborah

I've noticed an immediate improvement in how my tongue feels. Thank You!


I am writing to thank you for helping me cure my tonsilolith problem.


I've been using the combination of your The Breath Co. paste and rinse with OXYD-8 for almost a year. God bless and compliments to you.


Smiles and kisses were thrown at me all weekend from my boyfriend. Your The Breath Co. mouthwash is making my tongue pink again and my mouth feels fresh all day long. I feel so much more confident during the day.


Because of you I will now have the chance "to live a normal life." I cannot imagine my life without the The Breath Co. products!

Sincerely yours, Chary

I no longer have the sulfur taste in my mouth and the deep pockets in my gumline have been eliminated.


Just a short note to let you know that I am amazed at how fast your product helped my son, Seth. It worked from day 1!

Regards, Alison of South Africa

Your The Breath Co. products really worked for him and it is unbelievable !!!

Thank you,

I have not chewed a piece of gum after using your product. I have the confidence to get close to people when talking to them…


I have noticed fresher breath over the last several weeks since using the Aktiv-K12 ProBiotics treatment. I have been using your products for over a year now and I can't imagine ever going back to any other products.

Victor M. (Boston, MA)

I have to say that I am so pleased with the results. Thank you for all of your endeavors and hard work in promoting your products.




I have tried EVERYTHING but your product is the only thing that really works!! is a Godsend. Thank you Dr. Katz!!


I just received your products today and used them. I am absolutely 100% without a doubt thrilled by the results of just one use.


I am a salesman and know what it means to work closely with the public. I can now have the confidence that I will not offend anyone because of the use of your products.


I tried the toothpaste, oral rinse and mints and from the first day I lost that awful taste in my mouth…

Anonymous (from Chicago)

You are a genius. I had post nasal drip along with a constant sour taste in my mouth. Now, I smile a lot more, not only because I'm no longer embarrassed of my bad breath…


I came across your wonderful products. I used them and immediately noticed a difference in my tonsils. I can't believe I never had a reoccurrence of tonsil stones.


I started using your product this morning and I am totally convinced that it works !!! I had gone nearly 5 hrs and not noticed that my breath was bad !!!


Immediately after using the product, I noticed that my bad breath was COMPLETELY GONE.


Your products are very effective and pleasant/*fresh* tasting !

Mr. & Mrs. Huebner

Dear Dr. Katz:

Seeing is believing and I wish to thank you for your wonderful invention and products. It works ! It works ! It works !!!

Regards, Dr. Goddy

Thank you very much, Dr. Katz, for creating such a wonderful product. In a matter of days my breath and confidence has increased. I'm no longer afraid of speaking to people face to face.


I have a better tasting mouth and fresher breath.


I had the best appointment yesterday when my dentist told me that my teeth look great. Thank you so much you are a GENIUS !!!


Your products work incredibly well.

Thank you so much, Robert

For more than 20 years, I had a problem with my bad breath. I tried The Breath Co. Probiotics yesterday and the only thing that I can say is, 'Thank you for a New Life.' I am so happy.

Markus A. (Trier, Germany)

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for this product.

…nothing worked until I used The Breath Co.


After years of sinus problems and a tonsillectomy at age 59, I am now making more progress on my problems by adding your product to my regimen.


I'm so glad that you have discovered products that I can use to prevent bad breath.

Wow, I am so glad I found you. When I wake up in the morning, I truly do not have morning breath anymore.


This past Monday (3 days ago), I went to the store and bought the The Breath Co. Oral Rinse and The Breath Co. Toothpaste. I already notice a HUGE difference with my breath!! I have NO bad breath now!

Thank you, Erica

Thanks to you and your products. I feel more confident.

With Many Thanks, Rose

The 8 oz bottle makes it easy to use the Aktiv Oxigen tablets and even looks good on my bathroom counter.

Betty R.

In todays pervading atmosphere of fraudulent and deceptive scams, it is reassuring to know that your product, as it is advertised, goes even further beyond what it purports to do.


I just wanted to take the time to tell you how happy I am that I discovered The Breath Co. after years of frustration of trying several different types of mouthwashes and toothpastes, which only seem to make my bad breath problem worse.


I bought the The Breath Co. products and my breath is significantly fresher!


After one use of The Breath Co., there was noticeable improvement in my husband's breath.

Thank you,

Since I have been using the starter kit, I have noticed a big difference in the taste in my mouth, and how people react to me when I speak.


I just wanted to write and thank you for such a wonderful product. It is such a pleasure to wake up in the morning with fresh breath.


Using your toothpaste, mouthwash and tongue scraper on a daily basis helped my problem.


The Breath Co. works so fast I could not believe it.
Thank you, Dr Katz.


I used your products for the first week and my breath incredibly changed from bad to excellent

Best regards, Jonathan

The The Breath Co. products are the only products that worked for me in many years of trying to get rid of bad breath. Thank you, Dr. Katz!!!

I went to one of the recommended suppliers last weekend – bought a kit with toothpaste, mouthwash and a scraper… and haven’t had bad breath since!!!!


I noticed an amazing difference the first day I used your product. My wife says I am "kissable" again.

Thanks again, Clarence

Hello Dr. Katz,

I don't have sufficient words to thank you and tell you how happy I am because of your products. My dentist scheduled surgery on my gums and he cancelled it when the day came because they were healthy.

Sincerely, GT

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for this product. It has been wonderful to feel confident around people and not see them back away from me. My husband thanks you also!


Dear Dr. Katz,

I just want to thank you for making your products available in retail stores. I've been using the toothpaste and mouthwash and I'm very pleased.


I am just letting you know that I have been using the The Breath Co. products for a few months and this is the difference between living and existing for me

Thanks again, Karen

Thank you for being an excellent doctor! Your toothpaste is so healthy and gentle.

Sincerely, Cheryl

Just want you to know that I am bad breath free. I wish I had known about your product sooner. I will forever be grateful.


Casper (my cat) and myself love your products. We both are very thankful that you helped both our breath problems. Thanks.

Anis P. (Sterling, VA)

Dear Dr, Katz,

My breath is much better and I have the basics down. I had a case of chronic halitosis that is now improved.

Cheers, Mike

I have no idea what to say but thank you. I have been using your products for less then a week and every single bad taste in my mouth is gone.


I bought your AktivOxigen products and after 3 days, I noticed my taste was different and my sense of smell was acute...I could actually smell others bad breath where I couldn't before!


Dear Dr. Katz,

I am happy with your product and have no complaints. I find it very convenient to buy in Walgreens.

Sincerely, Milton

I have suffered from bad breath most of my life & your products are the only ones that worked.

God Bless, Nancy

Dear Dr. Katz,

My eight year old daughter started using your products about two weeks ago. You've created a miracle. No more problems with breath!

Sincerely, Debbie (her mom)

Dear Dr. Katz,

You have changed my life. I ordered your Starter Kit and have been 1000% satisfied ever since.

A loyal convinced user, Joe

Thank you for an increbible mouthwash. It's just what I needed :)

Respectfully Yours,

I'm glad you’re a true doctor who knows what you're doing. Keep up the good work!

Sincerely, Sean

Thank you so much for your products. After trying so many others, these ones finally made a HUGE improvement.

Sincerely, Ariel

Dr. Katz,
Since I discovered your wonderful website, I've become a new man. Previously, my bad breath was keeping me down in life. Thank you Dr. Katz, I can now focus on other areas that need improvement!

All the best, Matthew

Thank you…Dr. Katz has changed my daughter's life. She now smiles and speaks with ease.

Mary Jo

Thank you so much for not ignoring my e-mail. You guys are great. I really believe in your products and I know they work. Once again, thanks for all your help.

Sincerely, Elijah

I believe in your products. They made such a difference in my personal and social life.


Hello to the The Breath Co. team!

I am convinced of the quality of your products. Your products made a difference in my life and I will be a loyal client for many years to come.


I just thought you'd like to hear that using the The Breath Co. toothpaste and mouthwash has cured 11 years of serious problems with canker sores.


Well, thank you for your The Breath Co. products. I don't have bad breath anymore and I'm not afraid to talk to anyone.


All the traces of my bad breath were totally vanished with your The Breath Co. toothpaste and mouthwash combo.

Suzie in Northern, CA

I love your The Breath Co. mouthwash.


Your products worked after one use. They took away that awful dry taste in my mouth.


….she had real bad breath. Almost seems like something crawled in her mouth and died.... After two days of using The Breath Co., you can sit next to her.


Dr. Katz, finding your products was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Before The Breath Co., I hated my breath and so did those around me. I brushed my teeth and used mouthwashes religiously but nothing helped.

-Ms. Grateful in Atlanta

We're grateful that we have found something that will help her using the The Breath Co. Spray.

Sincerely, Teresa

I wish that the doctors had told me about your products eight months ago. Thank you for your help!

Sincerely, Renee

I have been wanting to email you for the last two months to thank you enormously for your The Breath Co. Oral Rinse. Please don't EVER STOP making the product!

Most Sincerely, Dr. Cook, DC

I'm a public speaker and get dry mouth easily, so I rinse before a speaking engagement and I'm good to go.


I have post nasal drip and your products are the most effective for me.


I just wanted to thank you for offering a product that makes ozone therapy/applications accessible to the general public.


Thanks for making a product that has changed my life and I am sure others as well.


I "THANK YOU" for the solution.

Sincerely, Daivd

My tongue has gone from disgusting gray to healthy pink…

-A loyal TB user in PA

I am on day 2 of using your products and I already see an amazing improvement. Thank you Dr. Katz, from the bottom of my heart.


I wanted to write and tell you my latest favorable experience which I attribute to the use of your dental products. A hygenist was cleaning my teeth and remarked on how healthy my gums were. She even called the dentist in to look.


...within one week of using your tooth gel, oral rinse, and extinguisher throat spray my dad's breath smelled good.


I just wanted to let you know that I put your products to the test yesterday and they passed!!! Yeah, I can eat "stinky" foods and still kiss my husband.


When I woke up this morning, I had fresh breath and very limited amount of mucus in my throat.


After trying the products once, I could feel (and smell) the difference. My mouth felt clean.


I am now "free of worry" with my breath!

Sincerely, A Fresh Smelling Georgia Peach!

I've been using them 3 times a day and I've noticed some changes; my tongue and gums look more pink

Sincerely, Blanca

Dr. Katz and Staff,
I just want to thank you for the work that you've done. I've had bad breath for over 20 years. I tried your toothpaste and rinse and they made a difference!

Thanks again,

Congratulations to you, Dr. Katz! Your work with halitosis has been saving grace of many!


You cannot imagine how much my life has changed. I have confidence when speaking face to face with others.


You make me feel that I matter and I'm not just a stranger browsing on your website.


I have fresh breath 24/7.

Washington, D.C.

Dr. Katz:
You're providing an important service to the country.


Dr. Katz,
I am so excited that I found your products that I recommended them to my family members who also have breath problems (due to health and dental).


I used it for one day and my nose tester told me that my "dead-meat" smelly morning breath was gone…only one day of treatment…thanks!



Great system!


I hate bad breath.

Mrs. Collins

I received an e-mail from Carol, Yaletown Distributor, with the information. Thank you very much. She will contact me again with a full price and expected date of delivery. This is quick! Thank you.

Mary Lou

I want more of your products!


I think that it is a great idea to have a spray that you can use to reach the back of your tongue and tonsils.


I am a zealous supporter of this really unique product and would recommend it to anyone that battles sinus problems.


My presentation was wonderful because MY MOUTH FELT FRESH!!!


Ever since I used your toothpaste on a regular basis, she raves on how greath my breath smells.


Thank you for your product it will really make us much closer.


Amy and Jason

Within a few days after trying your products, I noticed that I had gone the whole day without needing a breath mint or another cover up for bad breath…and this REALLY blew me away…I even wake up without bad breath!!!

Dan in San Francisco

For the first time, I can feel that a breath product is working on me.


...even for those few days it has made a remarkable change in my life


Thank you so much for helping me get back in the mainstream of life.


She didn't have to step away from me and hold her breath.


I really enjoy using your TheraBrite products.

Many, many thanks, David

My tongue was thick white and now it's cherry red. You're so wonderful!

All Best, Wendy

Dear Dr. Katz,
I just want to tell you that your The Breath Co. Kits really work.

Thank you,

I love your products.


My husband's fresh breath has changed our relationship.

God Bless You, Carolyn

I am so thrilled that your products actually work.


Dear Dr. Katz,

I followed your instructions when using your products and found out that it truly works.


Your website is quite extensive and loaded with excellent information.

I have been using your products for almost 3 years and I must say that they really work!

Thanks, Roy

Dr. Katz,

My wife thinks your products are heaven sent!


Hi! I'm getting good results with your products. I can't believe that these tonsil stones seem to be disappearing!

Thanks, Peter

I've used the The Breath Co. products and it works very well.


Dr. Katz,

I've used your products for three days and it absolutely works!

Thanks A Million, Paul

When I woke up the next day, I was shocked and overwhelmed with excitement that my breath did not smell like anything at all. It was neutral!


Dear Dr. Katz,

Like the other testimonials that I've read about your products, I do find them excellent. The AktivOxigen toothpaste and oral rinse are very effective.

Sincerely, Ann

Dear Dr. Katz,'s a miracle! I am using your customer for almost a week now and I'm a customer for life.


Dear Dr. Katz:

I cannot say enough nice things about your products.

Sincerely, Sara

It didn't take very much for my family to become hooked on your line of products.

Regards, Lisa

Dear Dr. Katz,

You made my life so much better by creating your The Breath Co. products.


Dear Dr. Katz:

You honestly care about helping people with their problem and you're not just interested in selling products. This is what I appreciate about you.


With your products, I only get clean breath.

Thanks, Marcus

Dear Dr. Katz,

I don't have morning breath anymore.


I really love the chewing gum, toothpaste, and mouthwash.


As I got older, I tried to discover different remedies that would help alleviate the embarrassment I've suffered for so many years. And I'm very thankful for your products.


Dear Dr. Katz,
I've been using your products for awhile and I am very satisfied.


Hi Dr. Katz, I am always buying new products for oral health and have not successfully found products that compare to yours.

Thanks, Robert

I am planning to tell my friends about The Breath Co..

Thanks, Aziz

I have been totally amazed on how well your products work!


Thanks for such a terrific product.


I use the The Breath Co. tooth gel and rinse everyday. They're wonderful products.


My wife, who was the real test was also amazed by your The Breath Co. products.


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Dear Dr. Katz:

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to reply to my question. Obviously, that's why you are so successful!

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Great news, your product really works!

Ex-dragon Breath :)

Hi, Dr. Katz, I just wanted to thank you. My family and I started using your products and we think they're GREAT!!!

Thanks again, Angelo

It's only been about an hour and a half and my breath remains fresh.


Hi, Dr. Katz, ever since I used your products, the tonsil stones has gone away.

Take Care,


Dr. Katz,

I appreciate and thank you for your remarkable products.


Your products work very well.


Hi Dr. Katz,

This is the only product(s) that has given me positive results.



Thank you so much. My dentist knew about my condition but didn't have any real suggestion. I do plan to continue using your products now that I feel more confident.


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Mrs. Pat

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Hi Dr. Katz

Well, I am on day 2 1/2 of your The Breath Co. tooth gel and rinse. These products make me feel very clean.

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Hurray, my bad breath is gone! And I want the whole world to know that there is help. I am a living proof.


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My 6 yrs old son has been using the basics. He actually enjoys the whole brushing experience in the morning knowing that it prevents him from being embarrassed by bad breath.


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This product is unbelievable for bad breath elimination! It has been wonderful to finally be able to enjoy kissing my husband and for that I thank you!


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A. D. F.

Dr. Katz,

Let me say a most gratefulthank you for responding to my questions so quickly.

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I used to have a problem with bad breath. I don't experience this anymore since I've been ordering your products for a long time now. These products work! Thank you, Dr. Katz.


Dear Dr:

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What a Blessing it's been! I've been able to sit in church and not worry about my breath.

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At first my husband used to be leary about your products and now he has nothing to say about my breath. Thank you so much.


I really like your Thera Breath oral rinse product.


My tongue is now completely pink.


First of all your products work! I'm here to say it is a relief and a tremendous confidence-improver.


Thank you so much for the information. It was very helpful. I will try to buy this product you just mentioned in Walgreens.


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Your products are the only thing that combats the problem.


I've been using your products for approximately 6 years and have changed dentists twice. Each of them commented on how "excellent" my teeth are.

Best Regards,

Dr. Katz,
The results are amazing especially that my work revolves around corporate parties and mingling.


I have tried so many gimmicks to get rid of my plaque and gum problems. I finally found something that works really well and quickly. I love that it is affordable and that it is portable. Thanks.

Lori F.

Well, it's just UNBELIEVABLE. You should win the Nobel for THE BEST PRODUCT EVER IN THE SCIENCE OF DENTISTRY AND BEYOND!! My mouth felt like I had undergone some kind of an oral transplant.

V.R. (from Italy)

Please stay in business so I won't ever have to worry again with my breath.


Thank you so much for your time and product. I feel confident already with just 24 hours of use.

K.R., a 40 yr old woman

Since I suffer from a tendency to get canker sores, I'm extremely appreciative of ALL your toothpastes, which have been fantastic. No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate = No Canker Sores!

Jerry R.

For once, I felt human and not like some kind of unapproachable thing….thank you sooooo much…


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Then I rinsed with The Breath Co. Oral Rinse and I could feel a big difference in my mouth. I couldn't believe it but I couldn't taste that awful nasty slime,anymore!!! The taste in my mouth was like I had been drinking fresh water.

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Tammy W.

Not only am I extremely pleased with the results but I also feel that the ingredients are natural and make my mouth not only clean but healthy.

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You guys are the best!!!


It is working very nicely for me. It's made a huge difference in my life. Thank you.


I tried Trioral but don't like the taste and dry mouth feeling. Seems to alter taste of foods. Your The Breath Co. products make everything feel and taste so fresh.


I'm glad I found you guys. Your product has been wonderful to me. It doesn’t further irritate my mouth.


Well, so far, your product is working great! I bought him the gel toothpaste and oral rinse. He is very pleased. Thank you!


I definitely feel that your products are better (especially for my rough tongue).


I would like to inform you that my oral worries have improved in a substantial way... (from France)

Le Blanc-Mesnil, France,

I am so tremendously pleased to use products. I have searced high and low, questioned many dental professionals, alternative therapies, and more and NOTHING and NO PERSON could provide me with the knowledge of halitosis.

Thank You Dearly, Pat

I can say that after I tried the The Breath Co. system; I am totaly satisfied.

J.D., Paris, FRANCE , by e-mail

For some reason, I always suffer from colds. Thanks for this great kit. I use it whenever I feel a cold coming on and never have to worry anymore!

Jamie C.

Thanks for solving a problem that has plagued me for almost 20 years.


Going to work or on a date with a cold is the worst. Since I start using this Cold Prevention kit I have been 100% and not had to worry.

Wendy M.

My compliments to your excellent products.


Dear Dr. Harold,
want to thank you for the order that I received. I started using your product last Monday and I can tell the difference in my breath when I talk to other people.


Thank you very much for you The Breath Co. products! They really work!!:-)) I'm really satisfied! (from Switzerland)

Mühlau, Switzerland, by e-mail

I'm really impressed with your products. You've given me hope. Bad breath is such a horrible condition that affected my personal and professional life. I feel like your products have given the solution to control it.


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Michelle V.

After using your TheraBrite products for three days I noticed that my teeth are now whiter!

Regards, Kathy

Dear Dr. Katz,
I've been using your The Breath Co. products since May and I no longer have a horrible, sour, bitter, taste in my mouth. Thank you so much!


We love your toothpaste and rinse. They do not dry your mouth and throat out.


Just like all the other people who have tried your products, I must echo them and say IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again thankyou, A.F.

Although some might consider it vain, the simple fact of having found the solution to bad breath has actually changed my life. My most greatful thanks to Dr. Katz for developing this product.

J.F.N. in Canada

I find your products to be the best!


I ordered my starter kit and it completely eliminated my bad breath.

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Finally after 10 years of using so many different products, I got the "real" stuff.

Yours truly,

TheraBrite is the best 2 in 1 product I have ever used. I clearly see a difference in my whiter teeth and fresher breath. It took only 5 days. I will recommend this to everyone I know.

Jim D.

Your products do what your advertisement claims.


There's a huge difference between your products and the other brands!


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Thanks, Willa

Thank you so much for the remedy!

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The conclusion about my periodontal check-up was that the only factor of change in my oral hygiene regimen has been the regular use of your oxygenating PerioTherapy products!


I'd like to thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.

-) It's Me

I've tried your starter kits and the results were amazing. It was a miracle according to my girlfriend! Thank you.


I am really happy that I found you. Since I visited you in San Francisco, I've never experienced having bad breath.


Thank you for these GREAT products.


What I like about your product is that you have a toothpaste that doesn't dry my mouth or upset my stomach.


When I started using The Breath Co. with the OXYD-8 ingredient, I noticed the favorable results in 3 days!

Former Breath Rx user

It's the only product that I found that works!


As soon as I completed the steps in using the products, I actually noticed the difference the taste and smell in my mouth


No more white coating and bad breath. What a wonderful result.


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I've used your products for about 2 months…it's really Great!


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We will be more than happy to recommend your great products to our friends.


Thank you so much for creating this product and may God continue to bless your efforts.


I appreciate your great customer service and will continue to recommend your products to my friends.


It's working.
I really think that your product is working for our 6 yrs old son. He's been diluting the solution with 50/50 water (as you suggested) twice a day.


It is a God sent!


Dear Dr. Katz,
I am so glad out that you now have a distributor in Hong Kong, China. Thank you very much!

Your loyal customer, Silvana

Dear Dr. Katz,
I've been using your producs for 1 year with amazing results!


Dr. Katz, you're a smart man!


It works!

Thank you, Zaheer

Dear Dr. Katz, I finally am believing that your products are the answers to my prayers.

32 year old woman

I am 45 years old and have suffered most of my adult life with severe bad breath becasue of chronic sinus problems. Your sinus spray and drops have changed my life for the better. I will be a customer for life to live, love, share and smile.

Pat W.

Good breath and a healthy body have been very hard to reach as goals. Since using The Breath Co. products and specifically, the immune strips, I have reached my goals and feel great.

Henry T.

After a long day at work, I used to get a white film on my tongue. Not anymore! I now use your mints, gums and strips and feel like I am born again. I now feel like I can go out and conquer the world.

Alberta H.

I can't wait to tell my family dentist that he's wrong that Halitosis sufferers usually have it forever. It is preventable!


You saved my life.

Sincerely yours, Jude O.

Without a doubt, I can honestly say that this product works! Upon my first use, I felt immediate results. This has been liberating. You have created a real confidence builder beyond belief!


Dear Dr. Katz,
My wife has told me on numerous occasions that she now enjoys kissing me once again. Using your product has made me a believer in you. My life has really changed.